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  • Since getting enough protein is essential for a healthy diet and weight loss, getting creative with recipes is a must. Sweet and moist on the inside, this recipe for high protein banana bread is as delicious as it is nutritious. Eat it with almond butter or on its own for a traditional treat.High Protein Banana Bread Recipe View Post
  • Horchata Protein Rice Crispy Treats

    This healthy spin on a classic treat is packed with protein and is incredibly delicious. With peanut butter replacing marshmallows in this recipe, each treat is low sugar and gluten free. Eat these as a dessert replacement or whenever you want a sweet treat!

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  • With breakfast being an important meal in most diets, we've got a slew of new recipes to share with you using our proteins. Since we're feeling a little bit slower starting this week, we're featuring these easy-to-bake, deliciously sweet, low-fat protein muffins featuring our coffee-infused protein, Precision Cafe Mochaccino.

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