• Blueberry Protein Smoothie

    This nutritious, protein packed blueberry smoothie is easy to make and it's got 31g of time released protein and hydrolyzed collagen to give us sustained energy throughout the day. No fatigue, only fueling muscle recovery without any nasty ingredient side effects so you can glide through the day with ease and feel your best. Here's our take on a nutritious protein packed blueberry protein smoothie

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  • Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

    This easy pumpkin protein pancakes recipe is perfect for mornings during the fall and holiday season and are chock full of protein as well. 

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  • Cold brew mochaccino protein ice cream

    We are huge fans of Cold Brew at our HQ at any time of the year. But we're always asking how we can take a simple concept and make it healthy and functional. This thought brought on the idea of making a Cold Brew Mochaccino Protein Ice Cream that you can make right at home! 

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