Workout Hacks To Maximize Results

January 21, 2020

Workout hacks to maximize results
We're always on the lookout for improving our workouts as much as possible so we see results, and fast. Our motto is, workout smarter, not harder. With that in mind, here's a few workout hacks to maximize your results. 
1. If you’re looking to maximize hypertrophy and build some extra lean muscle, try “drop sets” on the last 2 sets of each movement during your next workout. For example, if you have 4 sets of 12 reps on Squats, on sets 3 & 4, after you’ve completed 12 reps, drop the weight 25-50% and do as many additional reps as possible for some extra volume! You’ll be on the train to GAINZ town in no time. Choo Choo!
2. When you’re trying to accelerate additional fat burning, super sets are a great way to keep your heart rate elevated and boost your metabolic rate during your workouts. Instead of doing each movement one at a time with rest periods in between, pick 2 or 3 movements at a reasonably challenging weight and rep scheme and complete one movement immediately after the next, back to back with no rest. This is 1 “super set.” Burn baby, burn!
3. A clever way to add some additional cardio to your regimen is to pick a movement and complete it on a timed clock throughout your workout - regardless of your programming. For example, every 4 minutes on the clock, stop what you’re doing and complete 10 bur-pees or 200m on the row machine. When you’re done pick up where you left off. This will help set a good pace and squeeze some extra calorie burn out of your next workout! Thank us later!

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