Superfood Powder: What Is Superfood Powder & Does It Work?

February 02, 2022

What is superfood powder and does it work?

Throughout your life, you've likely heard the saying, "you are what you eat." While you won't turn into a juicy steak or leafy greens, the adage couldn't be more true today in the sense that what you eat can certainly affect overall health and wellbeing. 

Simply put, if you fill your plate with highly processed foods on the reg, you'll likely face health consequences. On the other hand, if you opt for clean whole foods, you'll likely experience good health. In short, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then eat healthily — after all, you are what you eat.  

That being said, in today's overwhelmingly busy, fast-paced society, finding the time to eat nutrient-rich whole foods is often much easier said than done. 

For many health-conscious individuals, drinking superfood powder is a simple way to get the nutrients they need to function at their best — but what exactly are these popular supplements, and how do they work? We'll tell you. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about superfood powder to determine if it's right for you. 

What Exactly Is a Superfood? 

When you think of superfoods, what typically comes to mind?

Do you think of oranges with x-ray vision or carrots that can fly? Perhaps you conjure up images of apples with super strength or Brussel sprouts that can run faster than the speed of light. 

While the thought of these nutritional powerhouses donning red capes and saving the world is a fun idea, we hate to break it to you, but there's technically no such thing as a "superfood." Well, at least, there's no such thing as a scientifically defined superfood. 

The word 'superfood' was coined years ago to market bananas as a daily source of cheap, easily digestible nutrition. 

As the fruit's popularity circulated, so did its moniker — superfood. Eventually, the term became virtually synonymous with presumptive health benefits, which paved the way for many more healthy whole foods to join bananas in the ranks as a superfood.

What Makes a Food a Superfood?

While there are no official criteria or an approved list of superfoods, there is a consensus about which foods make the cut. Simply put, superfoods are rich in:

  • Antioxidants are natural compounds that can help protect your cells, keeping them safe from damage while supporting heart health and keeping diseases at bay. 
  • Vitamins and minerals help the body function optimally. 

Superfoods may also be high in:

  • Fiber plays a significant role in digestive health.
  • Healthy fats are essential to give your body energy and support healthy cell function and hormone production. 

In other words, a superfood is a whole food, usually plant-based, with high nutrient density. 

What Is Superfood Powder? 

Making a drink with a quality superfood powder can be a quick and powerful way to get in a nutritious, balanced meal on your way out the door. These supplements are highly-concentrated nutritional powders made from — you guessed it — superfoods. 

Some of the benefits you may experience from adding superfood powder into your routine include:

Benefit #1: Sustainable Energy  

Since superfood powders are made of many different nutrient-dense whole foods, they can provide your body with sustainable energy to power through the day. 

Aside from everyday activities, superfoods packed with nourishing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can support your fitness journey and cognitive performance, such as focus and concentration. 

Make sure to replenish your body with the nutrition and hydration it needs after a tough sweat sesh. Our Plant-Based Phyto Perfect Protein + Superfoods powder combines superfoods with ample amounts of protein to ensure your muscles have what they need. 

This phenomenal tasting vegan, all-natural, gluten-free, and lactose-free plant protein formula provides 28+ grams of premium protein in each scoop to help build lean muscle and strength while fueling your recovery. In addition, you'll also get a whole serving of organic fruits and veggies, making it easier than ever to hit your daily macros. What's not to love?

Benefit #2: Gut Health  

Prebiotics are a type of fiber the good bacteria in our gut need to thrive. As a result of a diet rich in fibrous superfoods, the good bacteria will work better and, in turn, nourish the gut to help keep it in optimal health. 

Many superfoods also contain probiotics, which are helpful for the gut because they add to our population of good bacteria. 

To fuel your body with the most powerful array of organic fruits and veggies ever assembled with a healthy serving of fiber and probiotics, we suggest our Phyto Fuel Supergreens + Fiber + Probiotics powder

With every scoop, you're fighting free radicals at every turn and boosting your body's overall potential. Ideal for on-the-go nutrition, simply mix with your favorite liquid, and you're good to go!

Benefit #3: Immunity Boost  

High-quality superfood powders like our Phyto Fuel greens often contain body-nourishing ingredients rich in vitamin C. This popular vitamin is well-known for its immune-boosting powers, which can safeguard you from illness caused by bacteria and viruses. 

Benefit #4: Healthy Detoxification 

Another great benefit of superfood powder is that superfoods are often alkaline-forming foods — they can help get rid of excess acid in the body, leaving you with a well-balanced system.

Our bodies have a pH balance, which measures the acidity in our blood. This balance is so important because it directly impacts our state of health. An acidic environment is the perfect setting for illnesses and diseases to thrive. 

This is why a diet rich in nutrient-dense plant-based superfoods is essential — they are naturally more alkaline than animal-based sources and can help alkalize the body. 

Don't have time to fill your plate with superfoods to support a healthy pH balance? Try our Phyto Fuel Supergreens + Fiber + Probiotics. In each scoop, you'll fuel your body with one and a half servings of superfoods, organic veggies, fruits, fiber, and probiotics to help you feel your best. 

Benefit #5: Lean Muscle Growth 

You probably already know that protein helps build lean muscle mass. Well, some high-quality superfood powders — like our Phyto Perfect Protein + Superfoods — contain premium ingredients that have a high protein content, and that extra boost of nourishment can help build and repair muscles. 

A Final Word 

So, what exactly is superfood powder, you ask?

In a nutshell, superfood powders are a group of whole foods — mainly plant-based — that are dehydrated and ground until it turns into powder. You can then add this nutrient-dense powder to liquid to make a quick, nutritious drink or sprinkle on top of meals for an extra boost of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

Superfood powder is an extremely convenient way to fuel your body to function optimally with the nutrients it needs. While many options are available on the market, we suggest sticking with a high-quality powder — like our Phyto Fuel Supergreens + Fiber + Probiotics

Here at BioHealth, we take pride in creating some of the most advanced flavors in the industry and having some of the cleanest supplements on the market. You see, as the original pioneers of the Grass Fed/Pasture-Fed movement, our mission is to create a new standard for clean, nutritious products with a focus on innovation. We remove artificial ingredients and offer better, natural alternatives to the status quo. 

Whether you're on the hunt for superfood powder, searching high and low for plant-based protein, or simply tired of supplements full of junk, you can count on us to have just what you need to feel your best. 

With BioHealth, your choice is always simple, your nutrition is second-to-none, and your body is better than yesterday! Check BioHealth out today and see how we can support your wellness journey tomorrow. 


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