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BioHealth's Glutamine is formulated to increase endurance, help with muscle recovery and support the immune system. This unflavored powder mixes easily in water so it can be added to your favorite Biohealth protein, or meal replacement, without any nasty aftertaste. It also GMO-Free, Gluten-Free and vegan-friendly. 

Why Use L-Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid used in the body and is essential for muscle development. Glutamine levels in the body may be exhausted faster than the body can replenish them during exercise. Using a glutamine supplement pre and post-workout provides amino acid replenishment so muscle tissue is unaffected by any deficiency. Glutamine is also a critical part of the immune system. It's a necessary fuel source for intestinal cells and white blood cells, which can decrease infections and support overall immune health. If you’re looking to take your current supplement regimen to the next level, look no further!


Take 1-2 scoops with 6-8 oz of water, juice or protein drink of choice after your workout. Glutamine may be taken multiple times daily like before workout and before sleep as well. 

50 servings per container.