5 Easy Ways To Sneak Fitness Into Your Day

February 11, 2023

Let's face it, we can become complacent in our habits and tend to lose healthy habits easily. With busy schedules and complications in life, getting in a workout can be difficult from time to time. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get moving without setting aside time to get a full workout in. As long as you're taking time to move, even for just a few minutes, you're doing the best thing you can for your brain and body. Here's a few ways you can easily sneak some fitness into your day.
1. Walking Meetings
Rather than sitting in a conference room or sitting down for lunch to talk about business, try doing something active instead. You can easily go for a walk to talk about daily operations or use activities as an opportunity to incorporate fitness into your business routine. Plus, it'll help spark ideas when you're out of the cubicle.
2. Power Chores
If you're like us, you typically spread out household chores throughout the week. With these, you can use them as an opportunity to get your heart rate up. Scrub the sink a little harder and pay attention to your posture while you're doing it. An easy way to burn calories is incorporating chores as a quick way to get the blood pumping harder and it'll help manage stress as well when the chores don't pile up. If you aren't cleaning your own house, do it anyway, it'll save you money and build strength.
3. Sneak in a stretch
Before you start your day, take 5 minutes to stretch out and add a few lunges, crunches or push-ups while you're doing it. Even while you're at your desk you can use it as an opportunity to flex muscles and stretch throughout the day. This will help ease your mind and provide physical benefit as well. 
4. Don't let TV time be sedentary
Set up your treadmill, your stationary bike or your yoga mat and squeeze in a workout while you watch tv. Do floor exercises, lift weights or do something like planks at the same time. It'll have a better effect on your body as well as your brain from doing this over melting into the couch.
5. Park father than you need to
All steps start to really add up when you take the longer route. Parking in the back of the parking lot while you're running errands like grocery store runs or grabbing coffee can make a big difference. Take any situation like this and park father away to get your steps in. 

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