Miranda Harris


BioHealth Athlete Miranda Harris

Miranda Harris: Founder, Milky Fitness. Co Founder, Habitual Fitness 

Her StoryMiranda Harris is a hardworking and passionate veteran, wife, mother of two, and fitness enthusiast of 10 years. During her Marine Corps career, helping females meet physical standards in a male-dominated world, she discovered her aptitude for mentoring and encouragement. Miranda grew in skill and strength during her prenatal journey while personal training part-time at a local gym. Eventually, she shifted to independent coaching with just a few pieces of equipment in the garage. Surrounded by excitement and joy, Miranda prepared herself for an even more rewarding journey once her baby was born. 

However, this was not immediately the case. Newly postpartum, struggling with breastfeeding, body image, and mental health- she quickly realized how lonely and under-supported the other side of the delivery room can be. Thinking quickly, this driven momma created a space for women at all points in their childbearing voyages. Offering love, motivation, encouragement, empathy, and the perfect amount of push- she quickly sent herself straight to the top of the training world leading over 75k women on their individual goals in just 3 years. She strives to break the stigma of actively fit pregnancies and continuing on to weight loss/weight gain during their breastfeeding journeys. Living her dream, Miranda is wholeheartedly and selflessly committed to her clients, her family, and her brand.
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