4 Wellness Hacks To Maximize Your Day

September 29, 2020

4 wellness hacks to make the most out of your day

2020 has provided for some stressful times right? A pandemic, back to school and a variety of external stressors are happening all around. Let's not sugar coat it: Stress can be really bad for your health. There's a lot to be said about getting into a great routine to be able to feel our best and not let stress get the best of us. Check out these hacks that'll maximize your day.

1. Stretch more often

Stretching is extremely important. It helps prevent injury, improves flexibility, posture, blood supply and also increases nutrient supply to muscles. Aside from those, stretching for 2 minutes a day can provide your mind with a mental break to release tension, increase energy and recharge your body. Add this in during any break and you'll see that this can be a very beneficial brain break.

2. Get more in your morning cup

Coffee isn't the only cup that will start your day off right. Not only can you use your morning cup of coffee as a meditation experience, but switching to something more beneficial with less caffeine may be just right. Switching from 1 cup of coffee in the morning to a protein shake like BioHealth's Mochaccino has more nutrition with a smaller amount of caffeine that will give you a better, long lasting energy boost without the crash. Plus, you're getting a heft amount of protein to start your day off right.

3. Get outside and get moving

We're all finding ourselves that we're not getting outside as much as we should. (Thanks quarantine) Getting outside in the sun and the outdoors helps boost your mood, improves mental clarity and may help you emotionally. Most importantly, getting some sunlight helps reduce stress, improves your sleep, fights of depression and can strengthen your immune system.

4. Embrace breathing techniques

Meditating is a practice, many start but few remain dedicated to. The act of taking a few deep breaths and focusing will help you be more mindful and focus on the present. It'll help you keep your mind on track, emotions in check and junk food out of your mouth. Breathing techniques are the underrated comfort you may need. 

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