4 Simple Steps for Staying Stress Free Through the Holidays

December 22, 2020

4 simple steps for staying stress free through the holidays

Between tying up loose ends at work, shopping for last-minute gifts, and getting together with family, the holiday season can be stressful. But this time of year doesn't have to stress you out. Reducing holiday stress can be as simple as getting organized and taking better care of yourself. Here are four simple ways to preserve your health and wellness and reduce stress during this holiday season.

1. Keep On Track With Your Exercise

Whether you're working at your desk or shopping online on your phone, don't let hours go by without getting up and moving. Getting that much-needed exercise doesn't necessarily mean heading to the gym either. Studies have shown that leisurely activities such as walking decrease stress levels, regardless of aerobic health. That said, if a more intensive workout is already part of your routine, make time for it. Sticking to a regular routine as much as possible has been shown to reduce anxiety levels.

2. Make Healthier Food Choices

Not only does exercise fall by the wayside this time of year, but there can also be a tendency to skip meals. Going too long without eating almost always leads to making poor choices or overeating later in the day. Fast food or empty-calorie snacks aren't the answer, either. The best way to keep your body nourished on the go is by opting for a healthy protein shake. Bio Health makes a whole-food meal replacement protein powder that offers complete nutrition in one shake. Let's face it, there's a lot to do during the holidays, so you'll need to fuel up.

3. Avoid Toxic People

Avoiding toxic people can go a long way in reducing holiday stress. Sometimes you need to forgo a family get-together to protect your own mental health. And there are tactful ways you can get out of spending the holidays with your in-laws or other family members. Volunteer to work a holiday shift, or make a "prior commitment" with the other side of the family. If you're reading this in 2020 you also have the convenient excuse of self-quarantining.

4. Stay Organized With Lists

Staying organized during the holidays is vital and can be as easy as writing things down in a notebook or day planner. If you have trouble keeping track of a physical planner, try using an app on your phone. Even making a simple to-do list on the notepad app of your phone can help you feel more in control. Check the list each day, and complete at least one task from your list. Whether it's picking up a gift for your boss or taking the turkey out of the freezer a few days in advance to thaw, seeing your list get smaller as you delete or cross off items might be just what the doctor ordered.

Stress relief during the holidays isn't complicated, and it's not selfish either. Embracing the spirit of giving and taking time for yourself are not mutually exclusive. When you're filling in that to-do list or daily agenda, be sure to include some self-care items on the list. And the first one might be improving your health and wellness with a whole foods protein shake.

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