Pasture Fed is the protein of the future!

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What does Pasture Fed Mean?

Pasture-raised animals receive a significant portion of their nutrition from organically managed pasture and stored dried forages. Unlike 100% grass-fed cows, pasture-raised cows may receive supplemental organic grains, both during the grazing season and into winter months.

Why the change?

The FDA has found that in order for grass fed cows to be labeled as such, the cows must eat only grass. However, within grass you can find weeds, dandelions, etc. This makes the claim "grass-fed" not possible. Due to this technicality, all "grass-fed" proteins and meats will be relabeled as "Pasture-Fed". At BioHealth, we prefer to stay ahead of the curve and act as the leading force when it comes to following and educating our customers on regulations. In the near future, all brands selling a "grass fed" product will have to change their labels. We are merely the first.

Why BioHealth Nutrition?

BioHealth uses only the highest quality ingredients. Our products are Non-GMO, All-Natural, Gluten-Free and sweetened with Stevia!

Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it can’t taste great as well. We take pride in not only creating some of the cleanest products on the market, but also having some of the most advanced flavor systems in the industry.

Our team of trained professionals maintains Good Manufacturing Practices meaning we test all of our products for consistency and safety before they are released to the public. We make and maintain all of our product in house to ensure quality and product safety. Our team makes sure our products:

  • Undergo raw material testing for pesticides, metals, microbials, consistency, and purity
  • Undergo Final product re-testing for pesticides, metals, microbials, consistency, and purity
  • Product labels are reviewed by our diverse staff for approval and accuracy 
  • Flavors are carefully distributed and tested to make the best tasting and highest quality premium taste 
  • All products are made, packaged, and distributed from our in house facility 
  • All staff is qualified to approve and distribute premium product 


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