Damon Mariano Aviles

Age: 43


• Occupation: Reliability Specialist for Aera Energy

• Competitive bodybuilder since 2005

• Contest history:

-2005 NPC Mr. San Francisco 1st Place Middleweight

- 2006 NPC USA 5th Place Middleweight

- 2007 NPC USA

10th light heavyweight

- 2011 NPC Mr. California 1st Place Open and Closed Middleweight Champion

- 2011 NPC USA 7th Place Middleweight

-2014 NPC San Jose 1st Place light heavyweight

-2014 NPC USA 10th light heavyweight

-2016 NPC Orange County Classic Overall bodybuilding Champ

Goals: Obtain an IFBB Pro Card and to work with athletes to  achieve their fitness goals wether it be a lifestyle change or to step on stage as a physique athlete, and to rep Biohealth to fullest.

Instagram: Dave_av

Discount Code: BIODAME