Age: 25

Bio: Started lifting when I was 15 for football. After my first year of college, my football career ended and I needed a new sport. I met Damon, one of our other athletes, in the gym and looked up to him as a pro bodybuilder. He convinced me to compete at the age of 19 and introduced me to his coach, Omar Ventura. I won my class and overall at my very first show at the San Jose Classic. I eventually earned myIFBB Pro card at the age of 20 at the Jr Nationals in Chicago. I now have placed top 5 in multiple pro shows. I have worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist in multiple gyms and supplement shops.I also am a full time police officer in California. The demanding job has forced me to place bodybuilding aside for the meantime, but I still train and am currently training for a powerlifting contest!

I love my friend Sajin and he has a cool phone case!

Instagram: kambailey21

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