Agostina Laneri


Bio: Born and raised in Buenos Aires, her love and interest in fitness began at the age of 15 when she started training in martial arts. At the age of 18 she decided to pursue her love for the fitness industry in Hawaii. After obtaining an extensivenew educational background and certifications, she began working at five-star hotels in Maui. She won Bravo’s Hollywood & Highland competition to join Sky Sport & Spa and starred in Season 3 of Bravo’s Workout. Agostina is unique; her look, ethnic background, and fitness level allow her to fit many roles from commercial to film. Agostina is fluent in Spanish and English.

Currently, Agostina resides in California and travels frequently throughout the country as well as places like the United Kingdom.  Although much of Agostina’s time is spent on training Hollywood stars and professional athletes, she still finds time to take on many clients from a variety of backgrounds. From celebrities to single moms like herself, Agostina has a passion for health & wellness and feels it should be shared with everyone.



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