Spring Workout Tips While You're Stuck In Quarantine

March 23, 2020

At home workout tips

Just because we're spending more time at home doesn't mean that we have to abandon your workout regimen. You can still effectively exercise and keep that healthy diet going while you're stuck at home. Here are our quarantips for staying in tip top shape. 

1. Drink plenty of water!
Fluids are essential for wellness and keeping your immune system up and running. Every hour on the hour, pour yourself a glass of water and drink it immediately. 

2. Get that fitness in!
Gyms are closed, but don’t be discouraged. Now’s the perfect time to get back to basics and work on your core strength. Build home workouts to do each day. Pick 5 movements and do them back to back for 30-45 seconds of work each movement. Rest 30 seconds after you’ve completed them all and start over. Do this for 5 sets! Home GAINZ in 20 minutes a day!

3. Use your down time to stretch! Most of us forego the prehab/rehab stuff because it’s mundane and not as glamorous as our workouts. But next time you’re sitting at home getting your Netflix and Chill on, pick 1 show to watch on the floor and go through some basic stretches for the entirety of the episode.

4. Supplementation has never been more crucial! Fighting off illness is always easier when your body is full of great nutrition. Make sure you have plenty of protein, essential vitamins, minerals, greens and superfoods. Make yourself an Anti-Virus Cocktail in the morning and before bed and you’ll be feeling right as rain. Try this!
- 1 scoop of your favorite BioHealth Protein
- 1 scoop of BioHealth's Phyto Fuel
- 1 scoop of BioHealth Hydrolyzed Collagen
- 1 scoop of BioHealth Fermented-L Glutamine
- 500mg-1500mg of vitamin C

This may not be the spring break we were counting on but with these simple tips you’ll be fit and healthy and apocalypse prepared!

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